Volvo c30 timing belt replacement mileage

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Volvo c30 timing belt replacement mileage

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If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. Last Online: Nov 30th, Hello from a new member now the proud owner of an 07 Reg C30 2. I purchased the car privately but it has been owned since new by a lady in Hereford who had all the services done at the main dealer there Johnsons Cars.

All the service interval stamps are entered in the book up to and including 8 years ormiles when, according to the book it recommends that additional to the routine Service items the Timing and auxiliary belts should be changed. As I was unsure that this had been done when buying the car I checked with the dealer to ask and was informed it had not been done with that scheduled service and his recommendation was that it should be done "at 12 years ormiles".

In view of the dire consequences if the belt fails are there any opinions on this advice from technically minded members. I have searched for existing threads and could not find an answer so any and all thoughts most appreciated. Last Online: Dec 23rd, Hi David, What mileage are you on now?

Most cars schedule a cam belt change at around 60, so I got mine done then for piece of mind. If you are going to get it done then get genuine Volvo parts. Usually I say go with aftermarket parts from a good manufacturer but when it comes down to cambelts it's not worth the risk in my mind.

There's no harm in getting it done early if your overLast Online: Today Originally Posted by david Many thanks guys, I have 72, on it driven by a little old lady in Herefordshire I am told!

I had the Cambelt kit done on the Alfa at the recommended so the 12 yrsseemed unbelievable. Any idea of the cost at Kastners or is there a good private garage near Exeter that anyone can recommend. Fully support using genuine parts for crucial jobs like this but I cringe when I hear main dealer hourly rates. Well if your not the owner of a gold credit card Kastner will grab your feet and shake you untill all your money falls out.

I had to laugh last time I was down there to collect parts as there where 2 recovery trucks in the forecort with new Volvo's on the back with very sad looking owners. On a serious note I wouldn't bother with main dealers. That's who has done all the work cambelts etc on my car when I need stuff done. They are a Morgan dealership but they do regular cars on the side and their service is great.

If you are unsure then ask for the old parts back and say you want to see what condition they where in. Atleast then you know they have done the work properly and not got half way through and gone "Sod replacing that bit, it looks fine" Main thing is to make sure the garage has the correct torque figures etc.

If it was me I would say "Have you got the torque figures for the kit as I can get them for you and leave it with the kit if not. Last edited by paddyred; May 11th, at Last Online: Yesterday Last Online: Jul 23rd, Originally Posted by Clan.Toggle navigation Oz Volvo Forums.

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volvo c30 timing belt replacement mileage

Meowsy1 Meowsy1. June in Troubleshooting. Hi, new C30 petrol owner here, I'm having trouble finding a maintenance schedule, can anyone point me towards one? Wondering when to get timing belt done. June Show us! Pix are loved here! AshDVS can help if you need go fast, low or stopping bits, check his XR5 Focus thread too, the same car underneath as yours.

Where are you?

Get the Best Priced Volvo C30 Timing Belt

Well you are in luck! DVS, Ash's performance business is in Geelong too, give him a lookup. Andrew c30c30 Sydney. September Any recommendations for a workshop to change a belt in Sydney? Also has anyone here used the Gates "performance" Kevlar belts? I wouldn't even trust a belt with my life for 10 years orkilometres on my NON interference engine.

September edited September Fina automotive or lupica motors I exclusively use the gates belts, worth every extra cent for the much higher quality. I don't suppose either of those indies have issues with supplying your own parts? Don't expect those mechanics to accept your timing belt job if you don't let them supply their parts.You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features.

By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members PMrespond to polls, upload content and access many other special features.

Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, join our community today! If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. Last Online: May 3rd, Hi I have a S40 with the 1. There is lots of conflicting information on it. Is this engine chain driven from exhaust to inlet cam? If it has a cambelt from exhaust cam to crank what is the service interval? Its a June UK model. Hard to tell from the user book as it contradicts itself and there seems to be evidence that the book info is out of date.

Thank you. Last Online: Oct 23rd, Hi, I know nothing about cars, stopped doing my own work when I scrapped my Triumph Dolomite. Last edited by frankie; Mar 28th, at Last Online: Sep 24th, Certainly a long time, my C30 is coming up to seventy thousand and I'll be doing mine this summer regardless. Thanks for the info. That should be the length these things last. We are all so used to short service lengths due to cost cutting that we are worried when a company puts their money where their mouth is.

Lets see if I can keep myself from buying a kit ahead of time! Last Online: Feb 11th, Last Online: Jan 10th, I have previous with a belt that went, so for the sake of my sanity, mine is getting done in a couple of months time at the 75K mark probably a wee bit before My a3's belt was changed at 60k, if im honest im getting nervy at being at 70!! The vectra an old car that we kept for day to day use the belt went at 80k after not changing it when it ought to have been done Still, it got traded in during the scrappage scheme.

Timing Belt Replacement

Every cloud and all that. Last edited by dolcered; Mar 29th, at Last Online: Jan 25th, May 29, by: Alexandra M. This guide will help you trough this process, for the 1. All the information in this article is in accordance with the Servicing Schedule Plan specified by Volvo. Change engine oil and oil filter 2.

volvo c30 timing belt replacement mileage

Parking brake: Check and adjust if needed 3. Check tire pressure 4. Exterior lights: Check all lights and replace if needed 6. Drain the fuel filter 7.

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Check power steering oil level 9. Replace the Air cleaner ACL passenger compartment air filter Reset the service reminder indicator to zero. Replace the engine Air filter 7. Replace the diesel fuel filter. Replace the engine auxiliaries belts 2. Replace the timming belt, tensioners and pulleys. This maintenance plan is suitable for the following model years:.

Tags: 1. The replacement interval for timing belt kit on DT 84 has been changed to km. Please tell me when i need to change the cam belt for a volvo v50 cc diesel engine. Is it or k? Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What is the car brand treated in this site? Every one year or Additionally evey two years, you should: 1. Replace the brakes oil fluid Additionally every three years or Replace the diesel fuel filter Additionally every six years or Volvo C30 — to — Servicing 1. May 29, at am. Jill Fowler says:. February 8, at am. Alexandra M. March 19, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Most orders are shipped the same day. They are available for the following Volvo C30 years:,13, 12, 11, 10, 09, 08, This part is also sometimes called Volvo C30 Timing Belts. I ordered a repair manual and PartsGeek was very prompt in filling and sending the order.

I will definitely consider ordering from them again.

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Click to Enlarge. Features: All OE manufactured components included in one combined kit with detailed professional instructions.

Product SKU: W Camshaft seals are serviced separately. Shipping Options: Ground, Overnight, 2 Day. Title Engine Timing Belt. Features: Melling provides timing belts for both domestic and import vehicle applications. Each belt is manufactured from quality synthetic polymers to provide resistance to heat, stretching, belt shear, climate conditions, and abrasion to assure dependable operation throughout the belts service life.

Melling recommends a new timing belt with every engine rebuild as well as periodic belt replacement for high mileage vehicles.Replacing the timing belt is one of the most important maintenance tasks for the five-cylinder Volvo T5 engine. As the engine ages and mileage climbs, an old, worn-out timing belt can possibly break, causing catastrophic engine damage. A broken timing belt can indeed lead to the complete destruction of the engine.

To avoid this fate, replace the timing belt every 60, miles. If you live in a dry climate like the American Southwestor if you don't drive your car often, then I recommend replacing the belt more often. In dry climates, belts can become brittle and worn much more quickly. If your car sits for long periods of time, the belts take on the bends and shapes of the pulleys while the car is parked.

Both circumstances increase the likelihood of belt failure. One other thing to consider is replacing the water pump while you have the timing belt removed. The water pump is driven directly off the timing belt and even then, access is a bit difficult.

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It would also be very frustrating to replace the belt, only to have the water pump go out a few days later. See our article on Water Pump Replacement for more information. Getting to the timing belt requires the removal of many components in the engine compartment.

volvo c30 timing belt replacement mileage

Jack up the car and remove the left front tire as well as the front wheel liner. You'll also need to remove the air filter housing, the starter, the engine belts and the coolant expansion tank. Begin by locating the 30mm nut green arrow holding the center of the crankshaft pulley to the crankshaft.

I recommend using an impact wrench to loosen the nut.

Otherwise, the whole motor will turn. Volvo makes a special tool that holds the crank stationary, however it costs about as much as an electric impact wrench. When re-installing the 30mm nut, torque to Nm ft.Tell us when to meet you at your home or office.

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Continue with your day while our mechanic fixes your car onsite. You pay only after the job is done. An engine timing belt is a fiber reinforced, toothed drive belt manufactured using durable compounds such as highly saturated nitrile. The timing belt allows the crankshaft to drive the camshafts in the cylinder head at half the RPMs of the crankshaft. Engine designs vary, and thus the replacement procedure will vary, but broadly, the procedure is as follows:.

Volvo D5 Timing / Cam Belt Replacement

No, were a worn out timing belt to snap while underway, perhaps on a highway, it creates a risk of complete loss of engine power while surrounded by fast moving vehicles.

Once your vehicle has reached the recommended replacement mileage for the belt, you can eliminate the risk of sudden and unexpected timing belt breakage by having it replaced. If your engine is of the interference type, it is especially important to replace the belt according to the maintenance schedule because sudden breakage of the timing belt, while the engine is running, will likely cause significant damage to internal engine components such as the valves and pistons.

Following is a breakdown of the labor and parts estimates. YourMechanic Price. Average Dealer price. Average Shop price. Get an instant quote for your car. Year I don't know. Timing Belt Replacement Service What is a timing belt and how does it work? Timing Belt. When to replace the timing belt? Every 60kk miles. If an engine is equipped with a timing belt, the timing belt must be replaced at the service interval specified by the vehicle manufacturer regardless of whether or not any problem is visible, typically in the range of 60, to 90, miles.

Engine stops abruptly or will not start.


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