Airtable ux audit

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Airtable ux audit

What needs to come after that, however, is creating a commonly accepted UX research system, where information is stored in a consistent and searchable way. In this post, I share with you the story of creating our own UX research system. A confession: design systems had made me jealous. The idea of the atomic design fascinated me.

Having an atomic unit as the foundation, and building something bigger with it forms a perfect analogy for UX research as well. But how is this connected to the topic of research systems? From my observations on different people, as a UX researcher and part of a research team, I try to form an insight to design better user experience.

Although the journey goes a bit differently, the analogy seems to match. By adding a UX research system to the method, we aim to scale this up while keeping our research trackable and current. Sometimes I feel that building elaborate presentations wastes resources.

They usually work great upon presentation but their utility does not last much longer. Backtracking takes effort. Also, research reports and presentations contain a lot of information requiring extra time to navigate. So, with the UX research system, we attempt to set up reporting as well avoid making presentations besides the data entry. To track all our user research efforts in a consumable way, the basic setup has a kind of archive. While sounding not very exciting, it may prove very useful in the long run.

It begins with properly storing the information and setting a reference point. But it certainly needs more. In the end, a folder with all the research counts as a kind of research management too, just not a very effective one.

An open and accessible UX research system helps get everyone on board, communicating our findings clearly. Basically, understanding user research. Dedicated members can even explore our observations when they get interested in something.

I t can help product managers make strategic decisions, designers plan sprints properly or marketers learn more about the target audience.

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Evidence must form the foundation of our user insights so we can avoid basing decisions on anecdotes and opinions.Want to design web apps that are actually useful to people? Design books are inspirational, but quite abstract. UX books teach you how to do research and map user stories. Visual design tutorials teach you how to create pretty layouts. But when it comes to building a real-life product, how do you combine all this information?

This concise, hands-on book is here to help. The UI Audit is based on years of my consulting experience and real-life research. I explored dozens of web apps to find common patterns, flaws, and good ways to explain them. Now you can tap into this knowledge and start applying it in your business. Everything boils down to a simple, strategic design mindset!

Before that, getting the right advice from UI designers was mostly limited to the aesthetics. The book helped me to take a top down approach starting from the vision and product strategy down to the style and fonts.

Sign up below and download your free sample chapter with the worksheets on product strategy!

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They have limited budgets but need mission-critical help. No more hand-holding — you can now make and justify bold design decisions. This book is really, really good. It is so applicable to SaaS founders! The UI Audit is a set of exercises you can do with your own product.

The meticulously designed worksheets should come in handy, too. Keep it simple: just get the book PDF, pages. As much as you do, I hate reading books twice the size they should be.

At any point, if you feel remorseful about the money spent — just email me at jane uibreakfast. No questions. No startup founder should dare launch without the guidance of Jane Portman — which is why no startup founder should be without this book.

All rights reserved. Podcast Products Blog Contact. Have you ever faced any of these design challenges? Does this web app really need a dashboard? What should go there? How do I make navigation simple and obvious? How do I lay out my key screens for the best user experience?

Should I use a theme or pay for a custom design? Should I add this new feature or ignore the demanding users? Get your free chapter with the worksheets Sign up below and download your free sample chapter with the worksheets on product strategy!If you're not running UX research and learning about your customers, you're not evolving.

UXPin Webinars: Mobile UX Best Practices and Learnings From 600+ Audits by Anna Potanina

The problem is that UX research can often be hampered by process:. This can often hamstring the effectiveness of UX research in an organization. This generally disorganized way of conducting UX research means you fail to capture a lot of key UX insights—and what insights you do glean will be discovered very inefficiently.

This shift to a single, collaborative environment is making UX research more powerful and efficient. And there's no reason why you can't institute this new kind of UX research in your own work.

What follows is a collection of our favorite articles on everything about the new way to conduct UX research: how to build a centralized, maximally efficient UX research system; which UX research tools can help improve your process; how to troubleshoot your existing UX research methods; and deep dives into the work of prominent UX researchers on the field's bleeding edge.

UX research methods are constantly evolving and improving, and your own process shouldn't be an exception in that regard.

airtable ux audit

Especially at a time when the entire philosophy of UX research is evolving from siloed to centralized, you need the resources to critically interrogate your own methods and see how they can be improved.

These articles on UX research improvement will help you out. We've set out to democratize UX with a system we call Polaris. Our intentions are to meet three needs of WeWork team members: 1. Prioritize: Decide whether one project is more important than another based on data rather than passion and gut feeling. Polaris helps with identifying valid and reliable user needs. Educate: Polaris helps with getting insights from actual users about a project that is already in progress.

Allocate: If a team is looking for its next project, big or small, Polaris helps deciding what that project might be. The job of research is to distill complex problems so that your team understands the what, the why, and the how of the problem at hand. UX research isn't just something you do : it's an integral part of product development and improvement, from start to finish.

airtable ux audit

These how-to guides will give you clear and direct methods for building UX research directly into your overall development pipeline, letting you get high-impact feedback on your product every step of the way.

This article gives you a step-by-step framework for automating your UX research, allowing you to rely on a consistent stream of user feedback without investing continuous time and effort in soliciting and aggregating that feedback. There's a danger in UX research: many teams produce this research in the form of one-off reports, which keeps the research siloed and makes it difficult to learn about UX as a team.

This article presents a method for ensuring that your entire team is a part of your UX research workflow from start to finish. Ready to go beyond UX research on your own product?

One of the best ways to improve your own product design is by researching your competitors' UX. This guide shows you how to improve your own product through competitive UX research. There's so much potential data you can extract from user interviews, and so many ways to organize and analyze it.

While this makes interviews a powerful tool, it also means there are a lot of ways to go wrong or simply get overwhelmed during this part of UX research. This article shows you how to separate signal from noise and get the most out of those interviews. With so many stages to UX research, it can be hard to aggregate, analyze, and just keep track of all the moving pieces in an efficient way. This article uses Zapier as a case study of how to make the interactive cycle of soliciting and incorporating user feedback more efficient.

You need to create a system of UX tools that work well together in order to get the most out of your research pipeline. Ideally, your tools won't just give you data on a particular part of UX: rather, each tool will contribute to a big-picture understanding of what's working and what isn't in your UX, where that big picture is backed by much more granular data at each stage of the pipeline.

These articles collect the best tools for every aspect of UX research, telling you what software you can use for which purpose, and what kinds of plans free, enterprise, and everything in between are available.

Ready to tackle UX research at a more granular level? Dig into this comprehensive guide where we outline the best tools out there for every stage of your UX research pipeline.

airtable ux audit

If you need a quick and easy collection of templates to get started codifying your UX research, take a look at this guide that offers three examples of Airtable UX templates—built by professional UX developers.

User-experience research methods are great at producing data and insights, while ongoing activities help get the right things done.T his step-by-step guide will teach you how to audit your user experience. All of this results in empathy with your customer. Most people can definitely benefit from a UX audit, but we wanted to identify those who benefit the most from completing a UX assessment.

This is especially true for startups with investors as the pressure is on to grow. Make sure you have everything you need in order to conduct a UX audit. Typically, we make sure that we have the following:. An understanding of your current and target users. Where are they coming from? What is their intended action? You also have to consider whether your current users are your actual target audience.

If not, why is that? Do you have a clearly defined target audience? You should also have a clear idea of whether or not your current users are the users that you want to be coming in. Additionally, you should also anticipate additional users coming in that may not be on either of these lists.

Regardless of where you are with current and target audience, you should always know what you want your outcome to be. Clearly defined goals. As with any project, you need to make sure you have a baseline and goals. You definitely need to have a main objective for conducting this audit and what you want out of this. Who should be involved? Awesome stuff happens when you get multiple departments in the same room. You also want to make sure that you have a decision-maker involved. Walk the decision-maker down the path to let them see friction points at all levels and validate ideas.We use cookies to analyze traffic and improve your experience.

Here's our privacy policy. Holly Munson Design Lead August 6, In part 1we established that Airtable is a super useful tool for handling content audits.

Or the entire guide! Learn more about field types. You know, the usual content audit stuff. Use the H1s to populate this first column. For example, the parent or landing page would be Level 1, and the child or detail page would be Level 2. I usually note the home page as Level 0. You can note the level as you navigate through the site during your audit.

Unless your CMS is smart enough to spit out this particular data, in which case, please tell me more. Note it down here. Ideally, this is data you would have scraped along with H1s and such, but you could populate it as you go along.

Or, if your site has an existing taxonomy, start with that. Add topics that you know from research would be valuable to users. This list will go in the first column of the Topics table. Using the Products table is totally optional. This is just to show that you could use the structure of the Topics table to inventory just about any other content attribute:. The whole point of a content audit is to assess the quality of your content.

There are a handful of heuristics or criteria that are pretty standard for assessing web content, such as readability, clarity, and accessibility. You can choose which heuristics are most important for your project. The table is grouped by that column. The Topics table is grouped by the Heuristics field. One nice thing about Airtable is that when you group or sort the table, the data in a row will always stay together or is it just me who gets anxious about mixing up data when I sort a spreadsheet?

Grouping items in a table is a nice way to make the data skimmable; you can also expand and contract each group to focus on one thing at a time. Learn more about grouping.Click here for instant access…. With this in mind, they should not just be thought of as static, impartial reports, but actionable, prioritized insights.

Without a clearly defined process with infrastructure in place to deal with issues as they present themselves through the audit, you're left without rigorous, structured data. This checklist will guide you through what works and what doesn't in the landscape of your user experienceand help you to understand the best practices for dealing with some of the most common but stubborn pitfalls. With user experience like so many thingsthere's always room for improvement.

First up, let's get some basic information down about what is being audited and who is performing the audit ; this will be useful later on for any reports that you might want to export. Certain tasks in this UX Audit will require review and approval by the relevant personnel in your team. Please fill in the details of the personnel int he below form fields. To properly orient the UX audit, you should begin by considering the most important business goals tied to the website.

How to Use Airtable for Content Audits, Part 1

These goals will then be used to determine the user persona that will guide the UX audit. Consult your business goals document and use the sub-checklist and form fields below to record what you determine to be the most relevant information. There are many different types of user, and as such many different ways to determine what constitutes a good or bad user experience. So it makes sense to start off by identifying a user persona with which to use whilst auditing the website.

When deciding on your primary persona, the following three attributes form a useful starting point:. Below you will find a drop-down field with example user personas; once you've considered all of the above, you will want to edit this task to include your own, and then fill out the remaining form fields.

UX is far more than just about the aesthetics of the interface; it's about refining a system of many interconnected parts.

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Analytics reports are o ne of the most important parts of this machine; one which provides invaluable insight into the quality of user experience. You may not have access to the website's analytics data; if this is the case, then you should ask for reports for specific recent timeframes and segments.

Now that you've reviewed the analytics data, list the pages with the highest conversion rate. These pages are key insight into successful customer journeys, and are where you want to be looking and differentiating from poorly performing pages for what the UX is doing right. FIll in the form fields below and move on to identify poorly performing pages in the next task.

Just as the highly converting pages represented a well-designed UX, these pages represent the opportunities for optimization on your website. Go ahead and fill out the forms in this task. Customer journeys can be part of great strategies for highly optimized user experience, but getting them right can be tough. It's expected that some customer journeys will have weak points - what's important is you locate these weak points and understand why they're failing.

Weak points can be identified by asking where specifically in the customer journey does the customer deviate from the intended path as identified to be in line with your business goals. Check out this article on how to identify the weaknesses and strengths of your customer journey and then put that knowledge into practice by filling out the form fields below.

You must also look at what's currently working well for your customer journeys. These strong links will help you build better solutions and fix what isn't working. Earlier, you looked at the analytics profiles of certain pages and identified some high performers. It's likely that these pages will correlate with your responses to this task; in any case, you should be thorough in checking analytics profiles and referring back to the data gathered in previous tasks.

Site layout governs a lot of the user experience; often associated with usability, it also relates to and directly influences how your user profiles are moving along their user journey, and can hugely impact UX, for better or for worse.It is really hard to find issues in a product you are creating day and night. We help you avoid those blind spots with our Usability Audit with a completely different and unbiased perspective.

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Your users do not use your product as a standalone pages but as a story. We audit your product not just screen by screen, but also keeping in mind the user stories.

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Unlike conventional usability evaluation, we audit not just the interface but the overall experience.

You can focus on building the amazing features in your product. Our plug-and-play services can fit in any development methodology. UX Audit helps you get an unbiased and independent review of your UX. UX Audit also called Expert Review is often less expensive than user testing, making it a great starting point if you are trying to improve your user experience.

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Using our audit, you can help identify the different opportunities to improve usability and gamification of your product. During audits, we also leverage your analytics and other data to help you discover bottlenecks in your product. We have worked with Startups, Corporates, and Government Organizations and helped them in mission-critical projects.

We are a group of User researchers, Data Analysts, UX Designers and developers who truly believe in the power of great design. When not serving our clients, we run the most active design community in India — Design Junglewhich is backed by companies like Google, 91Springboards, Paytm and many more.

We can also help you understand how your users feel and interact with your product with one on one usability testing sessions.

Why Do You Need A UX Research System?

Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. Your product needs tough love and fresh eyes It is really hard to find issues in a product you are creating day and night. Beyond a UI Audit Your users do not use your product as a standalone pages but as a story. Like you, we are agile. Any stage of your product lifecycle. Let's Talk. A few of our Delighted Customers. These guys are the best when it comes to user experience and improving the conversation rate. The results are better than I imagined.


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